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Here at The Auction Group we know the relationship between a buyers competitive bid and a sellers competitive offer.


We are glad you are here! The Auction Group (TAG) is a niche marketing/sales organization that utilizes the auction method to sell assets for true current market values in a timely manner. We absolutely believe our purpose is to help others help themselves. Our knowledge of the current markets combined with our ability to evaluate desirability along with accelerated marketing strategies enable us to produce time specific market results($$$) that represent true value .


All TAG members are well informed within their specific disciplines and have networks with key individuals and/or organizations within these disciplines that assures our clients of a well informed market place. The four main disciplines TAG engages are: Real Estate, Equipment, Cars, and Livestock. Financial and Trust institutions, Judicial entities and individuals who are ready to convert physical assets into capital assets utilize TAG. We comprehend the abilities of the auction industry and utilize this knowledge to create a fair and desirable market place for both buyers and sellers.


Whether you are a seller or a buyer, TAG offers you a knowledgeable, honest, and friendly market place to conduct your business transactions. Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact us with your inquiries. We will be happy to be of service to you no matter what level is beneficial to you.

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